Enlightened capital. Globally.

The world evolves through constant innovation and an ever increasing connectivity. It is our mission to help our clients benefit and grow from these essential drivers by helping them secure the necessary capital, partnerships, market access and strategic awareness to reach their goals and realize the full potential of each business venture.

Enso means 'circle of enlightenment'. A simple truth, yet a powerful force of life. We believe in enlightened capital. Investment, strategy and transactions guided by purpose, responsibility, courage and clarity. These are the essential ingredients that form the basis of successful companies and create sustainable solutions.

Our approach is centered around the notion that any deal should be seen as part of a larger process in which any transaction shapes the beginning of new partnerships, spurs new innovation, expands reach and multiplies connection, creating greater value for all.

Our success is based on our own operational experience from having successfully invested in, built, operated and exited our own companies with all the challenges and insights only hands-on experience can grant. Our ability as entrepreneurs to think out of the box and identify new synergies and act on a global scale is at the core of the services we offer.

We are company makers, not just company deal makers.