A partnership beyond traditional deal making

Enso Capital is a merchant bank boutique and top advisor dedicated to bringing opportunities alive by matching up promising business ventures with international  capital to create true investment value and growth for the benefit of all.

Our global network enables us to create unique partnerships across borders allowing companies to expand their platforms internationally and accelerate growth while investors gain unique exposure to markets, sectors and select opportunities providing attractive risk-adjusted returns and diversification.

Our services include a broad palette of assistance on anything from capital raising, private equity venture structuring and debt financing to strategic partnerships and business advisory.

With substantial senior experience in business venturing and capital sourcing, the Enso Capital team has extensive knowledge in M&A activities across a wide array of industries, technologies, languages and cultures. Through our personal relationships with leading companies, decision makers and investment capital around the world, we are able to swiftly execute on our client's objectives.

Being company makers and investors ourselves, we know from personal experience what it takes to build successful businesses and the level of innovative thinking all entrepreneurs must possess in order to succeed. Recognizing these virtues and the value of a structured approach to business strategy and value creation, we bring the right people and capital together to execute the vision focusing on delivering accelerated growth through long-term, sustainable solutions.

We approach any transaction not from a point of view of the deal itself, and the closing it traditionally concludes with, but from the perspective of the new beginnings that come with the partnerships formed as the result of a deal. Because of this, we often stay with our clients beyond traditional deal making, advising and assisting the ventures, we help create.

We look forward to creating a new prosperous venture with you.