Enso Capital to offer unique partnership in business venturing and capital sourcing

Thursday, April 24, 2014

From today, entrepreneurs and investors alike has a new alternative when seeking assistance with capital sourcing, acquisitions and business venturing.

Created by experienced entrepreneurs themselves, Enso Capital aims to offer its clients an advisory partnership beyond traditional deal making, focusing on bringing promising business opportunities alive, shaping appropriate business models and creating long-term sustainable growth.

For creator Kjell Adstedt, venture capital advisor and former company maker, the vision and objective is clear:

"Business development and capital management is a continuous journey for all companies, but most deal makers don't see it that way. They offer their services from a standalone perspective in which the current task at hand, a capital raise, an acquisition, a merger, etc., is a project assignment to be solved and then you move on. We know from having built our own businesses that in reality any deal is part of a larger process that needs to be understood and nurtured in which a succesful transaction shapes the beginning of new partnerships, spurs new innovation, expands reach and multiplies connection, creating greater value for all. This is what Enso Capital is all about. We are here to create companies, not just deals."

Having a broad network of partners globally, Enso Capital is uniquely positioned to advise and assist businesses in cross border ventures creating solutions that accommodate sector convergence and merging platforms on a path to accelerated growth.

For more information, please contact info@ensocap.com.