Mergers & acquisitions

Through our own experience as company makers, we know the importance of teaming up with the right partners to ensure growth and/or consolidation. Mergers, acquisitions, and joint venturing are often challenging processes requiring a combination of indepth company knowledge, market intelligence, network and the creative ability to "think outside the box".

These are all areas in which the Enso Capital team is highly experienced. Particularly in the area of global technology opportunities, we have helped create valuable ventures, bringing companies together across the world.

In advising our clients on the best approach to mergers and acquisitions, and helping them to execute, we focus on:

  • Developing an appropriate strategy that will take the business forward and create added value.
  • Identifying and screening potential buyers, partners and acquisition targets.
  • Structuring and negotiating all elements of the transaction.
  • Sourcing qualified candidates for board and executive positions in a joint setup.
  • Arranging financing with a view to the appropriate mix of debt and equity.
  • Coordinating the due diligence process ahead of closing.
  • Assessing and addressing risk factors identified in the process.
  • Developing alternative options.

Leveraging our global network, we offer cross border assistance to make the best deals happen.